HSS Information

Solid particleboard core arranged from three discrete layers of particleboard FSC timber. Designed for the use in interior solid core doors and panels. The center of the core has long grain fines with the outer layers being much smaller offering a smoother surface ideal for veneers, high pressure laminates, PVC's or paper for priming and painting. This durable core is very stable and ideal for lower traffic areas where cost engineering is practical. 


The HSS core is a strong alternative in the right locations to classic core configurations. This core can be faced with laminate, veneers or prime. The option of PVC wrapped is also available in a range of colours. The core can be directly machined for ironmongery and has a wide range of glazing configurations within the certification for fire situations. 


Cores are lipped in hardwood with various thickness available (please speak to our technical sales) with our standard being lipped on all four edges. We provide doors with a fine bevel on the edge of the lip to break potential sharp edges to offer long term durability.


A very wide range of glazing configurations are available depending on the performance you require, in either bolection or flush bead styles.