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Salford Royal Hospital

Three new state of the art theatres opened at Salford Royal in November 2015.  The three new theatres will bring the total number of theatres at Salford Royal to 19. The existing 16 theatres will also be upgraded as part of a rolling programme of maintenance and improvement. The new theatres project was shortlisted for the Best Innovative Design award in the Northern Design Awards 2013 in November 2015. Principal Doorsets Ltd is proud to have supplied door sets to these theatres.

Operating theatres, plan, doors, frames, postform, laminate, full paint, FD30, FD60, FD120, Smoke, Ironmongery, Acoustic

Operating theatres require extended duty products where severe duty door set are not enough. Using or solid laminated timber core (Principal Core) we provided the confidence that doors can stand up to this punishing environment. Doors and frames postformed adds further protection to faces of doors and frames so trolleys don't leave their marks. Vision panels were "flushform" which leaves a smooth face to doors providing easy clean and no surfaces for germs to harbour. Doors away from crash areas where flush finish laminate faced doors with contrasting painted frames. Glazing panels had flush bead finish with glass sandblasted with a spyhole feature to provide added privacy and clean lines. All fire doors had disc identification recessed into the faces of the doors complementing the flush face finishes.

Pair of doors, automatics, blinds, FD60, LaminateAcoustic, Lead, X-Ray, Fire Doors, FD120

The new facility will accommodate three new operating theatre suites and supporting ancillary accommodation, including staff change and rest areas. One of the operating theatres will be designed to meet the requirements of HTM 03-01 for ultraclean ventilation.