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Principal Doorsets Formula

Factory from Drone 80,000 sq ft

Quality, experience, service, and integrity makes Principal Doorsets the Premier Doorset people.

Behind the doors of a manufacturing site in a quiet riverside location in North Devon, something magical is taking place. With more than 400 years of experience and knowledge working in the doorset industry, Principal Doorsets continuing their winning formula that’s made them the UK’s Premier Doorset Manufacturer.

So, what is their secret? What is it that makes Principal Doorsets different and sets them apart?

“What makes us different to other doorset manufacturers is that we’ve learnt over the years what works for our clients and have applied this to our work and adapted our business to meet these needs”, explains Stan Bond, Director.

“We are really proud of how we work with each individual client to meet the requirements of their specific project, large or small,’ continues Rob Llewellyn, Managing Director. “From initial enquiry through to delivery, our team works with each customer, every step of the way.”

“We seek to be transparent,’ adds Stan. “We aim to provide quality, up to fully integrated doorsets that require fixing to the opening and nothing more. Through our experience we know our customers want the doorsets to be straightforward on site to install and they want the product to be compliant. Therefore, this is what we provide, with specific installation instructions along with information on fitting ironmongery we have recessed for.  We ensure our quotes are honest and straight forward with no hidden costs or fundamental materials missing.”

As multisite Directors of a major doorset manufacturer previously, Rob and Stan created Principal Doorsets in 2014 as a ‘phoenix’ company. They have seen the business grow in the past eight years as they moved from their premises in Bideford to their current 7432 square meters manufacturing site in Barnstaple.

“Working together with our customers is really paramount to our ethos here at Principal Doorsets,’ continues Stan. “Every project is different, and the needs of the customer can be unique. On a project recently we were asked to manufacture and certify doorsets that have never been tested and assessed before. Using our expertise and vast knowledge we worked up solutions for fire and security from known configurations to minimise the testing. Our expert knowledge of the industry meant we minimised the cost and the lead time to the market for the customer.”

“We work tirelessly with architects to develop products that are innovative and deliver performances,’ adds Rob. “For instance, when it comes to healthcare, we have developed standard offers that raise the bar on aesthetics and function whilst maximising the life cycle for the location where they will be installed. It’s through our experience of doing what we do over the years that we know what our customers need from their doorsets, and we work to make this happen. We are constantly evolving”.

It's through this dedication that Principal Doorsets are the front runner in the Passivhaus movement in the UK. By working with designers and architects they are taking the well proven concept from their European partners and building on this for their UK customers. They are developing bespoke configurations whilst at the same time offering improved standards like fire, security and acoustic under UKAS certification.

“When our clients come to Principal Doorsets, they know they are going to get a quality product made using the best machines and by expert craftspeople giving attention to every detail. They know with our great experience we can provide technical support along the way as well as follow up support as needed. They know when they speak to us, we will be honest, straight forward, and transparent. Anyone who has worked with us knows that customer service and integrity is at the heart of what we do.” Concludes Stan.

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