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Our pledge to reduce our environmental impact

Our pledge to reduce our environmental impact

As countries across the world attempt to accelerate their actions towards our changing climate and the future of our planet, we all have a duty to reduce our environmental impact.

In the early stages of creating Principal Doorsets, it was very important to us that we focussed on being as energy efficient as possible and we chose partners who had equal values.

Deforestation has been identified as a primary contributor to climate change and as a result our industry is encouraged to make sustainable choices. From the very beginning of our business, we embraced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody standards for all our wood products. We are proud that all our timber comes from sustainable and socially responsible sources.

All our particle board and solid timber core mills are certified for Environmental Management in accordance with the ISO 14001 international standard. We’re also ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management.


Being a manufacturer, it is hard to be carbon neutral, but it does not stop up striving to do our very best. Some of the measures we have put in place include:

  • The procurement of efficient machinery
  • Recycling all our waste
  • Burning scrap ends and sawdust in our biomass boiler to recover energy
  • Reusing our wash down water from process cleaning by putting it through a flocculation plant
  • Implementing a dust extraction system with a variable frequency drive which saves more than 50% in carbon
  • Producing a product with low formaldehyde emissions. This is significantly lower than European Rating E1 and meets BREEM (UK) & LEED (USA) high environmental performance standards

It’s not just our products and processes that we are working on. We have plans to improve the thermal insulation on our Barnstaple site. With a new roof, quality insulation and PV solar panels, we will not only cover our own electricity requirements but have excess to go back to the national grid. This change will bring a significant reduction in heat loss and our carbon footprint.

As a company, Principal Doorsets is committed to doing what we can in our moral duty to reduce our environmental impact on the planet for future generations. We pledge to continue to assess our processes with the aim to make further reductions in our carbon footprint.