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Our thanks to Ian Vanstone & David Wilson Partnership Ltd for supplying these photographs
North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) post operative care Unit - King George V ward

Patients recovering from surgery in North Devon can now enjoying enhanced facilities and a better all-round environment following the £850,000 refurbishment of King George V Ward. The ward contains five side rooms with en-suite facilities, offering patients privacy and quiet space, and a single treatment room. Architects David Wilson Partnership worked with Principal Doorsets on the design of doors and screens.

The new KGV benefits from improved lighting and paintwork, giving a clean modern contemporary feel, with a striking reception area to welcome patients and staff to the 24 bed ward. This ward refurbishment was led by the Trust's in-house facilities management team and particular credit goes to Rae Reynolds and his team for delivering the project on time and on budget.

"The ward looks fantastic and we would like to thank everyone involved in the refurbishment. said Ward manager "The improved environment will make a huge difference to our patients and the staff working on the ward." The director of facilities at the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust, said: "Fully refurbishing an acute ward in the middle of an operational hospital is always a complex and difficult task. "It is a real credit to our Trust that we can pull together the expertise from the NHS and the private sector to deliver such a high quality clinical environment within the very tight budget we were allocated."

Postform, Whiterock, Wet area,                                 Cross corridor, manifestation, PVC protection

Storage, Full Paint, Protection, Kick, Trolley Plates
With a wide variety of door sets within this ward, (above) fully painted doors with PVC combined kick and trolley protection plates.

The striking combination of beautifully finished Oak Veneered doors, Kick and Trolley plates and leading edge PVC protection.
Edge Protection, Trolley Plates

Oak Veneer   Manifestations, Veneers, Protection