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Making time for ourselves isn’t always easy and so when we get leisure time, we often want to have time off, some freedom and respite for ourselves. Leisure centres offer us the chance to do just that and so here at Principal Doorsets we understand the unique and technical demands that these centres require to make your leisure time, leisurely.

A sports and leisure centre caters for those who want to pound the day away on the squash court or get active in a gym or exercise class. There are others wanting to glide through the cool water in the pool or wishing to have some peaceful relaxation in a sauna or steam room. For everyone to get the leisurely experience they require, the centre must have technical customised doorsets to meet the needs of every person accessing the services on offer.

Here at Principal Doorsets our experience and expertise, alongside our high quality customised and technical doorsets, means we meet those performance requirements whilst incorporating great design to produce a contemporary product.

By working with us you are guaranteed an extensive range of highly functional doorsets with great aesthetics and superior quality creating a pleasant environment suited to the needs of the users.

The main features of our range include:

Durability and longevity

Doorsets in any public building should be expected to withstand frequent use as well as knocks and bumps. Our high quality postform doorsets are built to last and withstand frequent daily use. This helps to save money in repairs, replacements and minimises disruption to the centre whilst ensuring the safety of staff and visitors. The longevity of our products also helps the planet as they don’t need to be replaced so often.

Noise reduction

Our doorsets meet technical acoustic standards which reduces noise transmission between different areas within the centre (lets face it big rooms can have a lot of echo). This helps to maintain a calm and peaceful environment in spaces where relaxation sessions run alongside energetic fitness classes.


As one of the UK’s premier doorset manufacturer, we can enhance the overall aesthetics of your leisure centre, creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere for visitors. Our range comes in a spectrum of colours and we will work with you to complement the look and branding of your centre. Glazing panels can help increase luminance in interior spaces and improve safety through viewing through the door so to avoid bumping into someone using that door.


Here at Principal Doorsets we are proud to exceed the industry standards for fire resistance and safety. This gives you peace of mind for the wellbeing of your staff and visitors.


We work with all clients from initial enquiry through to delivery and installation of the product. We can help to design accessible doorsets for your centre with features including wide openings, automatic mechanisms and easy to operate handles. This ensures the centre is welcoming and accessible to all those visiting.

Energy efficiency

Our high quality doorsets feature insulation properties that help to reduce energy consumption for both heating and cooling, making a more environmentally sustainable option.

Our extensive experience and expertise in working in the sports, leisure and hotel industry means we understand the unique technical and aesthetic demands. We have recently supplied doorsets across the UK including to centres in Chard, Dunstable, Flitwick, Newbold and Perdiswell.

So, from a veneered door (e.g. offices), through to laminate faced (e.g. storerooms, cupboards, toilets), on to Postformed doors and frames that resist dumps, knocks and heavy use, Principal Doorsets have the solutions in Fire (NFR, 30, 60, 90 & 120), Acoustic (up to 42dB) and Enhanced Security (PAS24).

Principal Doorsets product differences

Our standard offer for laminate faced doorsets is to run the laminate across the lip edge (concealed lips), (damaged lips can be changed should this be necessary).

Our Postform frames are wrapped and adhered to the framing making them more robust in performance. Our Postform doors are topped and bottom encased with 2mm PVC.

Our doorsets are available fully integrated (tested and proven ironmongery and doorset work in harmony in the case of a fire), giving peace of mind on performance and fire standards.

We work with all our clients from initial enquiry through to project delivery and installation.  Get in contact with us to find out how we can help you. Email or call us on 01237 439152.