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Doorsets for healthcare environments

Choose a postform door for performance and protection

Hospitals and healthcare settings require environments that are clean, resilient, safe and efficient. With the constant movement of people, equipment, and hospital beds along with the need for x-ray, acoustic and fire protection, the doors in these settings need to be of the highest performance and lowest maintenance.

Our postform range was specifically developed for these demanding, busy clinical environments. Postforming 2mm thick PVC around the hanging, lock edges, frame and face of the door gives extreme protection from the frequent use and degree of abuse that doors face in these settings.

PVC is almost triple the thickness of standard 0.7mm laminate which means it can absorb frequent impacts and does not shatter or chip as can happen with a laminate faced product. Our postform doors give edge to edge PVC protection including covering the edge timber lips and is certified to withstand all standard hospital cleaning products.

Not only that, but all our postform products come with a 10 year warranty and BM Trada Fire Certification as standard and can be further enhanced to meet your exact requirements. These includes standard vision panels or integrated blinds, fire resisting FD30 or FD60, acoustic performance x-ray and laser protection.

With the core of our doorsets offered in a range from solid timber core variants through to Homogeneous Solid Sheet tri-layered; and with frames available in hardwood, softwood or MDF, we offer postform solutions for all budgets.

Our full range of fire, acoustic and x-ray doorsets are offered in a variety of colours and configurations from single, unequal double, equal double, over panels and side lights. All doors can be made in a wide range of sizes with conventional glazing, beading or flush glazing. Frames, architraves and ancillary items such as stops can all be postform wrapped to suit.

With years of experience of providing postform product into many hospitals from wards, treatment rooms to operating theatres, we are now providing postform to many other settings. This includes leisure centres where postform is used wet side which gives piece of mind that the doors are protected without the risk of swelling and into laboratories where environmental control is paramount. We also provide postform doorsets to the hospitality industry and education settings where these busy environments require safe, durable, performance doors.

Combining high damage-resilience, a range of attractive colours and ultra-low maintenance requirements, our postform range is the perfect fire safety compliant doorset for your demanding setting. With solutions for all budgets, talk to us about how we can help you.