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Sultan Nazrin Shah - Worcester College

Sultan Nazrin Shah - Worcester College

Architect: Niall McLaughlin
Building: Beard Construction 

See the architects journal video here

Design and Build Contract

Nestled in a corner of the Grade II*- listed park and gardens, alongside a cricket pitch and close to some of Oxford’s most treasured historic buildings, it is hard to imagine a more bucolic site than the one occupied by the Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre.

Faced with a demanding project brief, Beard Construction's Site Manager, approached Principal Doorsets for a project quotation having worked with us on other projects. The design was very clear from the architect, with Beard Construction wanting to adhere to the brief, so as to deliver accurately the intricate design.
 Fan Design of Auditorium closely replicates that of traditional paper fans usedPlan of the auditorium in fan layout
The concept of the main auditorium (Tuanku Bainun) features a layout based on a paper fan effect. Wider portion of fan is where door entry to the area.

Tall doors with equal height fanlights above, maximise light. The use of Oak complimented the stone facades, delivering space and natural light unsurpassed.
A mixture of 2.4mtr high doorsets and panelling to suit. Doors where a mix of external, internal, Fire rated with maximum acoustic rating. The design required joinery to fit in with structure, wall finishes and adjacent plinths.

Architects drawings of auditorium entrance door detail

Auditorium work-in-progress

Photos taken during the build. Looking into the auditorium through the entry doors.

Outside looking in
View looking into auditorium through the many entrance door openings

And Inside looking towards the many auditorium entrance doors
Internal view of the many auditorium entrance doorsets

The doorsets were made up from Acoustic and fire resistant cores with perimeter stile and Rail configurations to allow double rebated door that match similar feature within the frame profiles.
Door internals, Hardwood stile and rail shown  side of door shown with stile and rails in place and 2.5mm constructional veneers pressed to faces of door ready for machining and sanding to be completed

 Double rebates  
Double rebated doors (meeting stile shown)
ready for compression seals to adhere to high acoustic requirements

Stack of doors with constructional veneer flitches pressed to facesGrooved Veneer door faces

Doors having their constructional veneers pressed onto face, ready for sanding and face grooving upon our CNC routers.


Concealed closer recessingDouble rebates showing top and side of door
Photos above showing concealed closer (DormaKaba) recessing and double rebating.  

Acoustic and Fire rated doorsets

Finished entrance to the Tuanku Nainum Auditorium through 15 double doorsets set side-by-side in a semi-circle.

2.7 meter tall doors with 2.7 meter tall over panels

Finished picture taken of external doorsets provided by Principal Doorsets Ltd