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Our Story from Beautiful Devon

We all know the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and perhaps when you picture an Industrial Estate on the outskirts of the market town of Barnstaple in North Devon, you might not imagine it’s home to the UK’s Premier Doorset Manufacturer.

Yet, behind the (superior) doors of Principal Doorsets on Pottington Business Park, our skilled workforce is busy creating high performance, hand finished doorsets for our customers across the UK.

Door manufacturing is in our heritage and dates back to 1854. We are very proud of our history and how the wood working skills we use now at Principal Doorsets have been passed through the generations, as we carry on the tradition of door making.

If you passed by our front door, would you know that we manufacturer all our doorsets here on site? Would you know that we have some of the best machinery available? Would you know that our incredibly skilled workforce hand finishes every doorset? Would you know we create doorsets for customers all over the UK, from hospitals and leisure centres to luxury homes and hotels? Would you know that we have more than 400 years of combined experience in performance doorset provision?

To produce the finest range of performance doors and doorsets in the UK, requires a great team of skilled people. From estimating to sales to design to production and all other roles that make up our Principal team. With four centuries of combined experience in performance doorset provision, our customers can trust that we will be with them from their first point of contact, right up until installation and beyond. This is because with our years of experience of doorset making, everything we do it based on our four core values:

  • We put our customers’ needs first
  • We make doorset supply easier
  • We are there whenever our customers need help
  • We are always fair and honest

It’s our outstanding reputation for quality and customer service that means we get repeat custom from clients, new enquiries and a real variety of projects.

We create high performance doorsets for customers across the UK,’ says our Director, Stan Bond. “From healthcare and leisure centres to luxury homes and hotels, to schools and commercial workspaces, we work together to cater for each individual customer’s needs. Did you know that a door isn’t just a door? We have a range of cores that all perform in a different way. This allows us to supply a host of different industries and to meet their exacting requirements. Quality and attention to detail is guaranteed in all that we do, from the product to our customer service. This is why we are the principal doorset provider for many industries in the UK.”

Would you have believed that all this happens on a quiet Industrial estate in the heart of North Devon? Well, when you see how close we are to many outstanding beaches, the rugged beauty of Exmoor National Park and just a few miles from a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Outstanding National Beauty, you’ll realise just how grateful we are that the history of door making started here in North Devon, where we get to live and work.