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Fire Door Safety Week 2020

Fire Door Safety week is upon us. The campaign launched 7 years ago, has sought to raise awareness and highlight the critical role of fire doorsets within buildings. Using a wide range of social media outlets, Fire Door Safety Week asks industry operators under the auspices of British Woodworking Federation to support and contribute to passing on the important message to industry stakeholders and the public alike. Each year a theme chosen with 2020 the focus is upon people that are spending more time in their homes, fire door safety is as crucial as ever.

Fire Doors intact post a building fire

Principal Doorset is the leading UK manufacturers of certified and approved fire doorsets. Our expert team understands the critical importance of ensuring that fire doors we supply can be relied upon to perform when fire breaks out and people’s lives and property are at stake. 

5 things to check for fire door safety


1. Certification
Check that the door and all its ironmongery are properly certified by a reputable UKAS accredited third party e.g. BM Trada, WarringtonFire or IFC. Specifying a fully certified doorset rather than individually approved components means that the door, frame and ironmongery have all been tested together as a unit, giving additional confidence in their performance.

2. Apertures
Altering a door with the addition say for glazing or ventilation on site will void certification. Make sure the door is specified correctly from the outset and that the specific design is covered by the certification Field of Application report held by the manufacturer. We have a comprehensive range of fully-certified fire doors with in numerous configurations, speak to our team, we are eager to help.

3. Gaps and seals
Check gaps around the door are consistent and between 3 - 4mm. Hinges must be fitted with no missing screws and all the seals must be fitted. Specifying made-to-measure pre-hung doorsets (rather than off-the-shelf doors that come in set sizes) ensures that the gap is neither too big nor too small, when installation instruction is followed.

4. Closers
Check that the door closer shuts the door and that it latches from any position – even if the door is opened just a few centimetres.

5. Operation
Ensure that the door closes correctly around all parts of the frame.