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COP 27

A wooden doorset is a beautiful thing. But it shouldn’t cost the earth. Principal Doorsets believes in making high quality products at a fair price as well as ensuring that the timber comes from FSC certified sustainable forests. According to a recent story on BBC News, a cubic metre of wood contains around a tonne of C02. And the organisation Wood for Good, also highlights how the carbon captured by each tree is still held within the timber when it’s converted into a door. Principal Doorsets Director Stan Bond says:

Our customers can rightly feel assured that when they buy doors and doorsets from us, that they’re not only buying sustainable products, but that the carbon that the tree has captured remains pretty much intact within the timber. As our doors are built to last, then that C02 that’s been taken out of the atmosphere remains within the doors. They can also be confident that our FSC chain of custody means that the timber is traceable back to the forest where it came from and that two trees are being planted for the one that was cut down.”

As world leaders meet in Egypt for COP 27, the predictions for climate change are frightening and many people can feel that they have little control or influence in this situation. And while individuals and businesses will find it difficult to have a say in the agreements being thrashed out between Governments, the purchases that they make can have an actual impact on the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment as Stan Bond adds:

Being a manufacturer, it is hard to be carbon neutral but it does not stop up striving to do our very best. We seek out the procurement of efficient machinery, we recycle all our waste, we burn scrap ends and sawdust in our biomass boiler to recover energy for the plant, we are reusing our wash down water from process cleaning by putting it through a flocculation plant, we have Implemented a dust extraction system with a variable frequency drive which saves more than 50% in carbon emissions and we are producing a product with ultra-low formaldehyde emissions.

On top of all of this, Principal Doorsets’ suppliers of particle board and solid timber are ISO 14001: 2015 certified for their environmental management. And in early 2023 the firm will improve the thermal insulation within its building with a new roof followed by the installation of solar PV to power the facility and put energy back into the National Grid.